FFwd: Art Spaces in Calgary

I met with Angel Guerra and Angela Dione, cofounders of Calgary’s Market Collective and photographed them for a story on art spaces this week.

Art and Calgary have, from my experience of growing up here, been two words that don’t come together all that often. There has been a major shift in that thinking in the past few years, but growing up it felt like most artists would start here and ship out for Canada’s other big ‘Art Cities’, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, etc as soon as they could.

Two years ago, Angel and Angela started Market Collective, a bi-monthly gathering place for artists and musicians. Providing the artists with a place they could come, rent a table, sell their wares and Calgarians could see and meet the artists of their city.

Over two years the market has expanded and grown. For the past year and a half they have been renting a building in Calgary’s Kensington area, known as the Ant Hill Building (formally owned by Ant Hill Fabrics). There’s been growing controversy lately since the BRZ for Kensington raised money to buy the building and land from the city six years ago in order to tear it down and make room for a condo-parkade thing.

That hasn’t happened. Yet.

But that’s a different story. This weeks story is about utilizing spaces like the Ant Hill Building for artists in Calgary. Which I think is a fantastic idea and something this city’s art community could use more of. Huge thanks to Angel and Angela for meeting with me on such short notice, and for being so great to work with.

You can check out the article either online or in this weeks issue of Fast Forward Weekly on new stands throughout Calgary, available from December 16th - 23rd.

Also, Market Collective is happening this weekend, the 18th and 19th, at the Ant Hill Building down in Kensington. If you’re in town, I highly recommend you drop by.