FFwd Cover Story: Collaborative Law

Long time, no update. Lets change that together, shall we?

I had the fantastic opportunity to shoot this weeks cover story for FFwd Weekly about Collaborative Law and the recent rise in mediation divorce settlements rather than litigation.

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This is Judge Victor Tousignant. He, along with the lawyers below has been pinnacle in encouraging the collaborative law process in Alberta. That and he’s a very classy fellow.

Lonny Balbi is a local lawyer who has been pushing for collaborative law. In his free time he also teaches family law at the University of Calgary.

Beryl McNeill is an associate at the law firm of Moe Hannah McNeill. She’s been travelling the world teaching others about the collaborative law process while helping people here in Calgary with their own separations.

If you’re in Calgary you can see these photos in this weeks issue of FFwd. If you aren’t, you can read all about it here.

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