FFwd Cover Story: Future of Calgary

Another week another update!

The idea is pretty simple, what do you think can improve Calgary. Fast Forward is going to be exploring this by interviewing everyone from business people to artists to random people on the street over the next few months and this week was the kick start.

At the top we have Cheri MacAulay, a local concerned citizen who also heads up Civic Camp, “a non-partisan citizen organization that discuss and works on making a better city” (as taken from their facebook page).

Next up is Alison Karim Mcswiney the Executive Director for the International Avenue BRZ. She has big plans for Forest Lawn and International Ave. Very big plans. All of which sounded amazing.

And last but not least, Christine Cheung. A local (though currently living abroad) visual artist who is quickly establishing herself in the arts world. Beyond winning a large number of awards and obtaining grants, she will locally be doing the banners for Centre Street Bridge in the summer.

You can check out these photos and the full story in this weeks issue of Fast Forward on stands now, or read all about the story here!