FFwd Cover Story: Megatunes Farewell

I had the opportunity this past week to shoot the cover story for this weeks Fast Forward Weekly about the end of a Calgary icon.

The store was started by record rep Mike Pleau in 1988. All of his friends in the industry said he was crazy for trying. The store rose in success over 22 years.

Joni Pleau has owned the store since Mikes tragic death in 2008.

The atmosphere in the store made this a difficult shoot. Various longtime customers were dropping by and chatting with the senior staff, laughing about the old times, remembering when Megatunes was young.

Also, this marked the first online editorial video for Fast Forward’s website that I’ve shot so far. 

You can read all about the story online right here, or in print in FFwd Weekly until Thursday the 22nd, available for free at new stands throughout Calgary .