FFwd: In Love and Art

I meant to put this post up earlier but have just been too busy.

I had the pleasure two weeks ago to meet with artists Carole Bondaroff and Stan Phelps in their home/studio in Kensington.

The basics, they wanted to travel to Greece (among other places) and make art. Normally they would take a summer off to do so, but this time they wanted a 5 months artistic odyssey.

In order to fund the trip, they offered to do a print series on the muses of Greece, a limited edition eight part series with 30 hand made prints of each scene based off of etchings.

People jumped on it and pre-orders flowed in. The trip paid for they took off for five months and travelled around Spain, England, the Netherlands and Greece sketching and painting material that eventually made it into the final pieces.

They then took off to a non-toxic studio in Quebec to produce the etchings and make the final prints.

You can view more of their work here and read the story online here. Special thanks to Carole and Stan for being such great subjects, and catering to my constant need for symmetry.