FFwd: The Calgary West Debacle

In case you haven’t heard yet, there has been a political shit storm (for lack of a better phrase) happening in the Calgary West riding.

The current MP, Rob Anders, has been representing Calgary West since 1987, and according to some of its residents, it’s nearing time for a change.

This gentleman is Brendan Miller, the Vice-President of Membership for the Calgary West Riding Association, holding a rather terse letter from the National Council declaring the associations actions as “unconstitutional” and freezing funding among other things.

But what did the association do that was so horrid? They wanted to hold an open election for Rob Ander’s riding.

Yesterday, Brendan, among 15 other board members declared their resignation from the board.

You can read all about it in this weeks issue of FFwd Weekly, on new stands now, or online at their website.

This was a fairly last minute shoot (three hours notice), but thank goodness Brendan’s law firm had this fantastic brick wall in their lunchroom.

In terms of the technical side of things, single White Lightning x1600 head camera left (at top) and right (at bottom) diffused through an Opus 19” umbrella, flipped around for shoot-thru. Triggered with cyber syncs and powered with the Vagabond battery pack.

Can you tell I like Paul C Buff?