Project: Folk Fest Faces

Introducing a brand new section of my website.

I’ve been meaning to sit down and work on my website for a while now, but I’ve been just been too busy lately. I finally found time the past few weeks to put some overdue material up and I added a new feature, the Projects section.

I’m starting everything off with a project I shot while on assignment at the 2010 Calgary Folk Music Festival called Folk Fest Faces.

Shooting Folk Fest is an amazing experience that I adore. Beyond the music, I always loved Folk Fest for it’s great people watching. Everyone from every walk of life descend on Calgary’s Prince’s Island Park to take in the music.

And that was the catalyst for the Folk Fest Faces project. While I was walking to and from the different stages, I would stop people with faces that stood out and ask them if I could take their photo. 

I know, complicated idea. But I’m very pleased with the results.

You can check out the full series on my website right here. Special thanks to everyone who was kind of enough to allow me the opportunity to photograph their faces.

More Projects and an expanded portfolio coming soon.