Features Overview

Running a business has never been for the weak willed. Long hours and late nights spent overseeing and delegating every aspect can leave little time to worry about marketing. With the explosion of media based social sites, now more than ever its important you represent you business in the best way possible.


The Meetings

For up to 2 hours a month, we talk. Either by phone or in person, we chat about your company, your products and you. We sift through and sort out what's upcoming to build a plan for your content production in the weeks to come. Once we settle on what to shoot, I work on the how and when.


The Shoots

Included in the monthly subscription is four hours of shooting time. Following the meeting, we book times to photograph and produce what we discussed. If it's in your business, in a satellite location or in a studio, we determine the time and place and what's required of both of us. This part can be as hands on or hands off as you'd like.


The Delivery

After everything is shot and edited, the final photos are delivered to your inbox in the specified file formats and sizes. No more cropping down or up or weirdly sized resolutions. Want total control? Using simplified proofing galleries with robust sorting options, you can choose the exact photos you want from the previous shoot. Alternatively, leave to me and let the photos flow into your inbox, ready to use.


In Summary

  • 2 x One Hour Meetings per Month
  • Up to 4 Hours of shooting time at the location of your choice
  • 4 hours of editing time
  • Up to 15 edited images per Month
  • 15% off regular photography rates for headshots, events and licensing fees.
  • Subject to Terms and Conditions

Modern Marketing for Modern Businesses

The Meetings

Up to two hours of meetings per month. I come to you, or we handle it over the phone or video chat. Whichever works for you and your team. Leading up to the meeting time, we bring our ideas for the month or weeks ahead and work to sort down the most visually engaging options followed by the logistics involved. If you we need to book staff to model, have the right bartenders on site for a house special cocktail, or ensure the proper clothing is ready to be photographed, we sort it out in The Meetings

The Shoots

The four (4) hours of shooting time per month are available as four separate 60 minute shoots, three 78 minute shoots or two 120 minute shoots. Photo shoots are limited to within the City of Calgary limits. Booking of shoots is handled through an online shared calendar and is on a first come first serve basis, which resets on the first of every month.

The Delivery

Formats available include .JPEG, .PNG and .TIFFs and are limited to a max resolution of 12 x 12 inches at 300ppi. Larger resolutions are available through the advanced licensing which can be purchased separately on a per image charge.


$299.99 CAD +5% GST billed on the first of every month. Cancel before the end of the next billing cycle anytime you like and keep your photos up to that point. Limited spots available.

Additional Licensing for larger resolution, print advertising and

Terms and Conditions

All shoots covered by the marketing photography subscription service are subject to the Andy Nichols Photography terms and conditions which can be read here.

Extra Questions?

Feel free to email me here or you can check out a series of frequently asked questions here.